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Schematic Design

Aras Integrations

The Aras Connectors integrate the leading schematic design capture tools with the Aras Innovator™ PLM solution suite, providing product data, configuration, project and workflow management services essential to the successful automation and control of schematic capture processes.

  • Cross-team design coordination and concurrent engineering that can span workgroups and continents
  • Design release process control. Ensures that purchasing and ODM receive the right data the first time
  • Improved compliance, including ISO9001, ISO10007, QSA9000, FDA, GMP and ROHS
  • Bidirectional synchronization of metadata
  • Full synchronization of EDA electronic item descriptions with classified items
  • Advance material disposition with BOMs extracted from packaged schematics
  • Check-in of the complete design structure for engineering change and re-use.
  • Automatic extraction of schematic plot data for visualization throughout the enterprise
  • Full support of assembly and programming variants in the Bill-of-Materials and plot data.
  • Familiar look and feel of leading EDA tool user interface, so engineers can focus on their design activities
  • Full support of both pre-programmed and in-system programmed parts.
  • Significant automation benefits and synergy effects.

Available Connectors include: